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Welcome to the Happy Camper Club

 Happy Camper Club offers direct delivery, straight to your campsite, of all the staples you might have forgotten along with everything else you’re craving – from groceries & camping equipment to toys, games and more. We’re an early startup planning to launch in summer 20201.

You forgot it? We got it!

As Seen On Dragon's Den!

Happy Camper Club founders
Erin Mussolum and Robert Hardy recently went head-to-head with the Dragons on CBC’s Dragon’s Den – and were thrilled to walk away with an incredible offer from Arlene Dickenson!
Click here to watch their pitch.

Camping Is Awesome, Except When You Forget Stuff

There’s nothing more Canadian than camping. Heading into the woods for a weekend is the best way to get away from it all. Breathing in nature, hearing the birds singing and the fire crackling, and just relaxing. Ahhh.  

But nothing ruins the fun like forgetting the important stuff: your sleeping bag, the eggs for breakfast, cream for your coffee, propane, or your bathing suit.

Camping Weekend = RUINED. It’s happened to all of us.

And that’s why we invented the Happy Camper Club.


We Deliver What You Need, Direct To Your Campsite

The Happy Camper Club changes all of that, by offering direct delivery of groceries, camping equipment, fuel, toys, games, air mattresses, bug repellent, snacks, female products, pharmacy items and more – whatever you need, but forgot.

Watch Our Video, Sign Up

Want to join the Happy Camper Club? Watch the video to the right to learn more. Then sign up for our mailing list, and we’ll keep you in the loop as Happy Camper Club gets closer to launch.

How's It Work?

Our fleet of specially outfitted Happy Camper Club trucks travel dedicated routes from campsite to campsite, carrying a wide variety of camping and grocery essentials, and of course, creature comforts for all the creatures.

We're Like A Pop-Up Store In The Forest.

The Happy Camper Club and it’s crew arrive at each campsite at a set time each day, open their doors and set up shop so campers of every variety can browse and buy whatever they need from our carefully curated selection of essentials, or pick up an impulse item like a badminton set, kids nature scavenger hunt games, or a cool outdoor gadget.

Bringing Creature Comforts To Camp.

For the fancier camper, delicious lattes can be purchased – we’re also baristas. Camping in the rain? No problem. The Happy Camper Club is here. Pick up some tarps and a few bungee cords and rope, some ponchos, and some hot chocolate and you’re cozier than a bug in a rug. Camping with The Happy Camper Crew means you’re taken care of.

You Forgot It? We Got It.

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike can also order in advance to ensure we’ve got what they need, reserved exclusively for them, including specialty items and fresh produce generally not included in our regular on-board stock

Need something special? Just call us.

If you want or need something unique that we don’t normally carry, you can call us and we’ll find it, then get it on our next delivery to your campsite. Or, order it from us when we’re there and we’ll bring it to you the next day.

Campfire Cooking Made Easy.

For those who want classic campfire meals but don’t have time to head to the store before they go, The Happy Camper Club offers a selection of ready-made meal kits and grocery packages that can be preordered and delivered right to your campsite.

Membership Has Its Privileges.

Being part of the Happy Camper Club will have member benefits too  – year-round discounts and offers from our brand partners and camping related companies, plus tips, tricks and facts to make outdoor living super comfortable and fun.

Who Are We?

Happy Camper Club is an early stage startup founded by Erin Mussolum and Robert Hardy, seeking angel investment and advisory board members. We plan to start doing deliveries to select B.C. campgrounds in the summer of 2020, then begin full operation in B.C. and Alberta in summer 2021.

Where Are We At?

At this stage, we are focused on building out our business plan, designing our app and fulfillment program, and solidifying relationships with public and private campgrounds, their hosts, and leading brand partners.

Why Are We Doing This?

We love to camp, and we want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors – without feeling that gut-wrenching sense of regret about forgetting something important that ruins an otherwise fun getaway.

*fun fact: there are over 23,693 images tagged ‘regret’ on Adobe Stock. We think this is the cheesiest.

What Do We Need From You?

We need your voice, and your support! If you think Happy Camper Club is a good idea, please sign up, so we can stay in touch. Your interest helps prove to our potential investors that this is a good idea whose time has come. Thanks!

Help Us Make Happy Camper Club Happen!

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Don’t you want to head into the woods this weekend knowing the Happy Camper Club is there, ready to rush to your campsite to deliver all your needs and wants? We do too! So please help us make the Happy Camper Club happen.

Our Secret Agenda...

Okay, don’t tell anybody, but we have a secret agenda. Yeah, it’s true. 

It turns out that we’re not just greedy entrepreneurs with an idea to make a buck, sell out to a FANG and buy a fast jet.

We want to get people to go outside. Into the forest. Experiencing nature. Reconnecting with the world around us. 

Why? Because it’s good for us. Studies show that for adults and kids alike, spending time with family and friends in a natural environment leads to better health, greater wellness, reduced depression and helps bring down incidences of aggression and anti-social behaviour.

Look at the new trend of forest bathing as an example.

So if we can apply digital technology and advanced logistics with a home-grown, plaid felt feel to encourage people who might otherwise never camp to get out there and go for a hike… aren’t we doing the right thing?

Though hey, we’ll happily take that jet.


*This website is for information purposes only, and is not intended as a prospectus or to solicit investor interest.